Sunday, November 23rd, 2014


We would like to welcome you to our Kindergarten program. Kindergarten is an amazing year filled growth and development in all areas as well as exploration and fun. The program is full day (6 hours) and follows the recommended guidelines for a full day Kindergarten Program as outlined by the Massachusetts Department of Education. In comparison to the more traditional half day programs we see many advantages. The student-teacher ratio is very low i.e. we cap the class size at eleven children.

The small class size allows the teacher to spend time getting to know each child and understand how we can meet individual needs. The longer day provides more opportunities for observation and record keeping, more frequent reporting and meetings with parents. Students have time to complete activities at a more relaxed pace with project based hands-on learning in addition to allowing additional time for student exploration.

It is important for us to point out that it is not the goal of a full day Kindergarten to introduce 1st grade curriculum to Kindergarten-age children. Since one of the strengths of the program is allowing each child to develop at their own rate, we feel that it is crucial to keep academic goals developmentally appropriate. Having a longer day allows the teacher more time to record and observe children’s behavior and set individual goals to for each child.

The goal of this program is to teach Kindergarten objectives more completely allowing time for related discoveries which enrich activities and experiences.

Using the above philosophy the teacher will work with parent and child to make the kindergarten experience an exciting and rewarding start to formal education. Visitors to the program are welcome.

Our Framework

As recommended by the Massachusetts Department of Education according to the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks, our kindergarten program focuses on the following areas of study:

English Language Arts
to foster early literacy through phonic awareness and written expression

with an introduction focusing on number relationships and early mathematical concepts

Science and Technology
to encourage questions, reasoning and logical conclusions

History and Social Science
to explore cultural diversity, responsible citizenship and introduce history

Foreign Language
to expand verbal skills with basic foreign language instruction

Comprehensive Health
by promoting teeth bruising, daily exercise and healthful eating

Physical Education
weekly classes in physical exercise for large motor skills, including dance and movement.  The instructor holds a degree in Performing Arts from Dean College

Arts Program
Our Kindergarten Arts Program is enhanced by these additional sources for the arts:

Music Teacher
Joyful noise describes the sounds emanating from Ms. Lee’s music classes.  Rhythm instruments often accompany the child-centered and age appropriate songs taught by way of puppets, mime, storytelling, dance and dramatic play.  Also integral to the program are a host of instruments representing all sections of an orchestra which are shared with the children for their experimentation.  The joy of music is so easily fostered in the tenderest of ages.  We desire to set the stage for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Art Teacher
Claudia Bett comes to the Sandcastles Childcare Program with over five years of experience in the public school system and three years of her own art education program for preschool and kindergarten children.  She is an artist with a desire to instill in very young children the great masters though age appropriate stories and art activities.  Emphasis is placed on reaching the child at his or her own level.  By doing this, the child becomes comfortable with his or her own knowledge and appreciation of art, and is more open to the experience through out their education.