Sunday, November 23rd, 2014


Welcome to Pre-School. Pre-school age children are exuberant! You may find your child is loving and rude at the same time. They feel emotions strongly and immediately! Language skills develop rapidly at this time and children are experimenting with rules of grammar. They make grammatical errors one moment, yet correct English the next.

3 and 4 year old children are perfecting their fine and gross motor skills and love to practice them over and over.  They continue to develop as independent individuals displaying a strong need to practice competencies; self help skills, and test limits.

Preschoolers are very social beings who are constantly practicing their skills and forming friendships. Living with the 3 and 4 year old child is an exciting adventure, and one we look forward   to sharing with you.

Our objectives for the children in the pre-school class are to support and encourage self esteem, independence and age appropriate behavior. These goals will be achieved by providing opportunities for age appropriate decision making and the development of self help skills. Social skill development will be encouraged through problem solving, interactions with peers and participation in large and small group activities. We will encourage the children to manage themselves in the following areas:


  • Personal Hygiene-taking responsibility for caring for ones self
  • Dressing/Undressing
  • Hand washing
  • Toileting
  • Nose wiping
  • Picking up after ones self


  • Verbalization of feelings
  • Understanding differences
  • Cooperative play
  • Understanding simple rules


  • Exploration of new ideas
  • Discovering similarities and differences
  • Exploring computer use
  • Exploring what animals and people do
  • Exploring how things work
  • Introduction to beginning math skills
  • Opportunities for pre-writing
  • Opportunities for  pre-reading


  • Gross motor, running, jumping, hopping, dancing, and skipping.
  • Fine motor, drawing, painting, puzzle making, table manipulatives, and block building.


Drop off/Pick up
Please sign times of drop off and pick up day. The sign in sheets are on the shelf as you enter the classroom. It is important that we have an actual count of children each day in case it becomes necessary for an evacuation of the building.

Transition to School
At times children may find comfort in bringing something from home particularly in the beginning days of school. We ask that you limit the type of toy your child brings to school i.e. small stuffed animals, special blankets, dolls and books.

Laundry day is Friday. (Or the last day of the week your child attends Sandcastles.) Sheets, blankets and pillow cases are sent home for laundering each week.

Meal Time
Please join us in upholding a healthy mealtime environment. We encourage good eating habits by limiting high sugar and salt snacks. Please see the attached list of healthy snack suggestions.

If foods need to stay chilled please bring an ice pack from home and place it in your child’s lunch box. Small ice pack can be found in most C.V.S Pharmacies.

Each Friday Sandcastles purchases pizza from Papa Gina’s for the children’s lunch. If your child enjoys pizza we suggest that in place of lunch you send in dessert and maybe additional small snacks.

Twice a month the children are visited by an art teacher, Claudia Betts.  Under Claudia’s guidance the children become familiar with many famous artists and their work. The children have produced some wonderful copies of Sun Flowers, A Japanese Bridge and Starry, Starry Night. In addition to introducing the children to the artists Claudia spends time explaining the different techniques used by “The Impressionists”

Toys from Home:
Except for toys that are needed at the beginning days of school, to help ease transitions, we ask that you encourage your child to leave toys at home or in the car. If an item is brought to school we cannot be responsible for it. Toys from home must be shared with other children and this can create other issues.

Children are encouraged to bring in appropriate books that can be read to the whole class. If you send in a book please make sure that your child’s name is on the inside cover. Music tapes and CDs for young children are also acceptable items to share with class mates.

Guns, war toys and other toys that depict destruction are taboo in our school. We recognize that children must have a means to express feelings of frustration and suggest some of the following techniques: clay to pound (manual dexterity), hammer and saw to use under supervision, (good for visual motor perception), punch bags to hit (vent anger) while developing perceptual developmental rhythmic movement. Water play is particularly good for children when they feel sad or lonely.

We ask that you be responsive to the above policy regarding toys from home and thank you for your cooperation.