Sunday, November 23rd, 2014


Welcome to the Pre-Toddler Program, where your growing child is exposed to many new and exciting skills and activities in a classroom setting!  In Pre-Toddler children are exposed to table time, open-ended art activities and sensory stimulation.  Children explore with sand, water, snow and other fun materials in the sensory table.  Pre-Toddler is also a room where lots of messy fun takes place.  Pre-toddlers have the opportunity to finger paint, explore with playdoh, and color with markers and crayons.  In the Pre-Toddler room the focus is process over product!

Daily activities are designed to encourage gross and fine motor development.  The children become very adept at climbing, chasing, and exploring all over the room and playground.  Stories and finger play, songs and music are used to develop language skills.  Teachers spend lots of time reading stories and talking about what happens.  Repetitive stories and songs are often used as a means to develop predictability and vocabulary.

Outside time and floor play help encourage socialization and friendship building.  The Pre-Toddler practice hand washing, sharing and cleaning up with their peers.  Snack and lunchtime is also very exciting as students begin easting at a table, using utensils and drinking cups.  Parents can help their children develop these skills by sending in finger foods and small portions of many types of food.  Also, extra changes of clothing are essential as we work on our table skills.

We are very excited to work with you and your child as they grow and learn!  Daily notes of your child’s eating and bathroom, as well as activities and temperament are sent home and teachers are always ready to help with questions or concerns.

Again, welcome to Pre-Toddler!