Monday, November 24th, 2014

Summer Program 2011

Summer Camp Newsletter

We are looking forward to a very exciting and fun-filled summer camp experience with your child. In this packet you will find some helpful information regarding our camp program including: summer curriculum, our calendar of events, field trips, swimming lessons, and summer program fee. Please read through each topic carefully as you will need to provide some items for your child.

 Summer Curriculum

Click here to download our weekly planning sheet. The sheet is divided into five categories. The boxes labeled “Early morning activity” and “Afternoon activity” will take place indoors in your child’s classroom. The boxes labeled “Sensory”, “Gross Motor Games”, and “Arts and Crafts” will be offered to all children out on the playground. We like too view our playground as our Outdoor Classroom. Our idea is to offer the children the same variety of centers that they can explore indoors, outdoors as well. In addition to all of the gross motor activities that our playground has to offer, your child will be able to explore: arts and crafts, block building, dramatic play, reading books, manipulative toys and much more. Your child will also be able to participate in the following sensory activities: sand play, sprinkler fun, water table play, play-dough, silly putty, goop and more. This planning guide will replace the preschool/kindergarten lesson plan sheets that were used during the school year. We will return to those sheets as the Fall approaches.

Calendar of Events

This summer we will be taking a Trip Around the World! Each week we will visit a new country, and be introduced to its languages, customs, foods, and celebrations. Please refer to your calendar to see the current country (located under Sunday) as well as a highlighted activity of the day! Please consult your child’s classroom to see the weekly planning sheet for a more detailed view of the plans. Planning sheets are posted on Mondays.

On-Site Visitors and Field Trips

Our calendar also highlights some on-site visitors. The children will be sure to get their dance moves on at our Bubble Music Dance Party complete with a DJ and an enormous bubble machine! We are very happy to have Big Ryan’s Tall Tales back to entertain the school with his fabulous stories and puppetry. Rain Forest Reptiles and Sea Side Kites are new to our program this year! In addition to all of this we will offer two off site field trips to Sandy Beach! Please see your child’s teacher, if you would like to chaperone our beach trips!

Swim Lessons

We are thrilled to be able to offer swim lessons to the children in the Sea Turtles, Tropical Fish, Seals, and Dolphins classrooms. The lessons will take place at a private pool located near the school, where Red Cross and WSI certified teacher Deb Ketchum and her certified assistants will teach the children under the watchful eyes of certified lifeguards. Ample Sandcastles staff will also accompany the children and monitor them closely while they are in the pool area.

The pool is being retrofitted with a child-safe drain, and Besstick Pools has been hired to maintain the pool on a daily basis. Besstick will also be the designated CPO (Certified Pool Officer) as is required by the Board of Health.

The children will walk to the pool, which is across the street and about a block away. We will have a designated crossing guard with s stop sign, and the children will be strapped into “Walkodiles”, which are safety harnesses. Please visit for product details.

This decision to use this private pool instead of the Cohasset Swim Center (CSC) was driven by safety. The CSC would not allow us to park near the entrance, so the children had to walk through a dangerous and busy parking lot. Plus, there was a lot of shuttling involved by buses or vans. We also did not have control over the qualifications of the CSC staff, and had concerns on several occasions as to how safe the children were in their care.

In addition to improved safety, the children will be able to participate in swim lessons for 9 weeks versus the 4 weeks available to us at the CSC.

During the first week of the Swim Program, the instructors will be evaluating each child’s skill level and receptiveness to the water. We will then group them accordingly. It may be way too much to have some children attend daily lessons (especially the younger preschoolers). So, the number of days they go to the pool each week will also be considered.

Note: It is a Board of Health requirement that children must be potty-trained in order to participate in swim lessons.

What will your child need?

We will be doing water play on days when the temperature is 70 degrees or higher. Here is a list of some items that your child will need to enjoy the sunshine. Please be sure to label everything.

  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Secure water shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Change of clothes
  • Extra clothes for your child’s cubby

Please note that flip flops are too dangerous for the playground

Summer Camp 2011 – Fee Schedule

To find the applicable costs for your child(ren), find the number of days/week attended at Sandcastles. For parents of children, who will not be taking swim lessons, please refer to the row marked “exclusive of swimming lessons.”

Cost/child – exclusive of swimming lessons

  • 5 days – $400
  • 4 days – $340
  • 3 days – $320
  • 2 days – $305

Cost/child – including swimming lessons

  • 5 days – $495
  • 4 days – $430
  • 3 days – $410
  • 2 days – $395

Note that these costs do not include regular tuition charges, but do include all summer program activities, events, and field trips. This is a one-time fee due by June 15th. You are welcome to spread the summer fee out over a few months, if you would like.

Please email the office with any questions: As always, if the cost of the summer program causes anyone any hardship, we are happy to work with you.