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The Staff at Sandcastles Childcare and Learning Center believe that childhood should be a happy, comfortable and stable period. To support this, we provide safe, high-quality childcare and educational experiences in our infant, pre-toddler, toddler, pre-school,  and pre-kindergarten programs.Our nurturing staff provide warm and positive interactions ensuring children feel loved, confident and secure.  Sandcastles’ child-centered and adult-guided daily activities provide opportunities for every child to develop socially, emotionally and cognitively at their own pace.

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Parent Testimonials

"We are a long time Sandcastles family -- my third and fourth children are currently preschoolers here -- and we couldn't be happier.The staff is amazing and the curriculum is fun and educational. Most importantly, my kids almost always come home happy, which is so reassuring to working parents!"

"We love Sandcastles!  It's the best combination of the structure and curriculum of a daycare center with the love and nurturing you want for your child.  My child loves to go to Sandcastles and has such fun with the kids and staff.  They are supportive of working parents too!  If I can't be with my child all day then I want her in a safe and loving place where I don't have to worry!" 


"Our son graduated from the Pre-K program in 2014, and our daughter is now in the infant classrooms. Besides being confident in the communication and care, we love the various activies the teachers plan on a daily basis. Nothing feels better than droping your child off with a huge smile to start the day."

Lisa, Preschool Parent

Moira, Toddler Parent

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Sean, Infant Parent