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Welcome to the Guppies classroom!


A message to the parents: We, as Infant teachers, understand that strong feelings of love and trust are essential for a child to have a successful experience in growing. As your baby grows they are eager to explore the world around them. When they have the comfort, love, and trust they need it will help them to express their curiosity and reap the rewards of learning and the satisfaction of accomplishment. 


We also believe that when babies have opportunities to interact with other infants, they truly enjoy the company of other babies and will also bond with them as they bond with their primary caregiver. 


Here are a few milestones of a baby's development. These milestones of development may seem overwhelming, but they are all learned through play. 

1. Learning to trust and to enjoy being with people

2. Learning to influence the environment

3. Achieving a sense of self-confidence and self- esteem

4. Learning to enjoy new experience and to enjoy the process of learning itself. 

5. Attaining skills in touching, holding, and moving. 

6. Understanding the qualities of objects, how things work, how to use objects as tools, how to plan and how to make the plan work. 

7. Learning to communicate with people through gestures and words. 


As parents and teachers, we need to encourage their curiosity and challenge their experiences. We as teachers love devoting our time to nurture, understand, and encourage the baby's needs in reliable and effective ways. A child reminds us that playtime is an essential part of our daily routine. 


As your baby begins to experience these milestones they will show signs of development in all areas; seeing, hearing, touching, holding, moving, making sounds, and even beginning to repeat syllables and words. During the learning process they will begin to repeat things over and over again. When your child begins to move about on their own, they will have the opportunity to skillfully cope with and accept the challenges that come their way.


Please be assured that your infant will be cared for and loved during the time they spend with us. We pride ourselves on our teaching staff and their ability to love and enjoy the children.


Infant Room Schedule:


The schedule varies to meet the needs of individual children; not all babies have the same routine. We play, read stories, sing songs, and offer many opportunities for small and large motor skill development through the day. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to speak with the teachers at any time. 

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