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Welcome to the Seal Room!  I am very excited to be working with your child. In this letter you will find some helpful information regarding curriculum planning, classroom organization, special events and our daily schedule. 




Our belief at Sandcastles is that children learn best when they have a vested interest in the theme that we are exploring.  All of my lessons will be designed with the children’s interest in mind and also related to the Massachusetts Department of Education Pre-School Guidelines.  Throughout the course of a theme the children will have the opportunity to explore many academic concepts including letters, numbers, phonics, and writing.  An important benefit while exploring the theme is the social skills that are developed as the children work in small group learning environments with their peers.  Throughout the year I will also introduce the children to Spanish vocabulary that will correspond to the current unit of study.  Lesson plans will be posted every Monday on the wall above the learning basket center in the classroom.  I will also send out weekly emails highlighting some of the children’s favorite activities as well as a ‘look ahead’ for the following week’s plans. 


Classroom Organization


Our classroom is arranged into eleven Learning Centers. Our Learning Centers include:  Art Center, Writing Center, Dramatic Play, Block Area, Books, Puzzles, Science Center, Manipulatives, Listening Center, Sensory Table, and Learning Baskets. While visiting each center your child is able to discover and learn through active hands on play, work cooperatively with peers and be creative.  I welcome you to walk through each center. Along your way pay particular attention to the card that explains each centers educational benefits.  All of these learning goals are derived directly from the Department of Education Guidelines. 



Special Events


Star of the Day:  Every month your child will have a chance to be the Star of the Day.  Being Star of the Day is a very special time for your child.  The Star has many exciting responsibilities throughout their BIG day!  The Star will:


  • Help at circle time by doing the calendar and weather

  • Be the line leader

  • Share a toy and a book with all of the class


This is a perfect opportunity to work on sharing and turn taking.  When deciding on a toy or a book to bring in, please keep in mind the current theme that we are working on.  You may have something at home such as a puzzle, book, toy, or game that corresponds to our classroom topic.  Please note that toys with a TV or movie theme are discouraged in an effort to respect all of our families’ preferences. You will receive a monthly calendar telling you when your child’s special day is.  In order to make every child’s star of the day special we ask that your child only bring toys in on their day.  Books are always welcome to come in.



Music:  Twice a month our Music Teacher, Miss Nikki, visits the children.  Under Nikki’s guidance the children become familiar with many types of music, explore instruments from various cultures, and follow musical patterns while exploring tempo and beat.  Movement is also an important component of Nicole’s lessons.  Miss Nikki always provides a highly interactive program.


Birthdays:  Children are always anxiously awaiting their next birthday!  We love to celebrate with them here at Sandcastles!  If your child’s birthday falls on a school day I will be sure to use their birthday as their Star of the Day.  If it falls on a non school day I will give them their Star Day as close as I can to the date.  Special treats such as cupcakes are welcome.  Please check with me so that I can give you an accurate head count as well as inform you of any class allergies.   



Here at Sandcastles we are committed to providing a safe, stimulating environment where your child can grow and develop cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically.  Our goal is to help your child feel loved, safe, and confident so that they may explore and learn at their own pace.  I have an open door policy. Parents are always welcome to come in observe or stop by as a guest reader.  Please feel free to contact me at any time for questions or comments. 




Seal Room Daily Schedule


8:00am-9:30am Classroom Opens/Breakfast

Early Morning Activity

*Free Choice


9:30am-11:00am Circle/Snack/Bathroom/Theme 

related small group activities (art, language arts, math, science, fine motor, gross motor) The children are encouraged to explore each center during this time of day.


11:00am-11:15am Clean up and Story


11:15am-12:00pm Outdoor Play/Gross Motor Development


12:00pm-12:30pm Hand washing/Lunch


12:30pm-1:15pm Bathroom/Set up Mats/Brush Teeth/Quiet Baskets/Story


1:15pm-2:30pm Rest Time (Children that stay awake may play with a quiet basket or read books after 30 minutes of rest)


2:30pm-3:30pm Snack/Table Top Activities/ Bathroom


3:30pm-4:00pm Outdoor play


4:00pm-4:30pm Hand washing/Learning Centers


4:30pm-6:30pm Learning Centers/Outdoor Play/Combine with other groups/Departure


*During Free Choice the children can choose from the learning centers in the classroom.  These include:  Dramatic Play, Block Area, Manipulative, Art/Writing Center, Learning Baskets, Puzzles, Books and the Listening Center.


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