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Sea Horses


The Sea Horse program is designed to help your young toddler explore and discover the world around them. Exploration and play is fundamental for their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.  There are so many things to see and experience in a young toddler’s world.  It is our goal to guide your child developmentally using an age appropriate curriculum, focusing on sensory exploration, social skill development, language development, and fine and gross motor stimulation. 


In the Sea Horse classroom we will use your young toddler’s interest in learning about the world to encourage them to use their senses (touching, seeing, smelling, and hearing). We will provide daily activities that allow for sensory exploration including: finger painting, playdoh, water and sand play.  Messy, but fun!


Each day the Sea Horses will be exposed to a variety of social and self help skills through modeling and role play.  Children will be introduced to such skills as sharing, helping, waiting, and building friendships. They will be supported as they learn to verbally express their feelings, needs, and wants.

Some self-help skills that will be introduced include: drinking from a cup, putting on and taking off coats and cleaning up after play.

Please note that these skills are new and will not and should not be mastered at this stage of development. We encourage parents to continue to foster independence at home.


Books, music, and modeling will be used to introduce and build vocabulary.  Children will be exposed to a variety of literature and print including books, posters, and labels around the room.  Reading will happen throughout the day.


Each day your young toddler will be given the opportunity to stretch and develop their muscles through outdoor play, dancing, and introduction of new movements (i.e. jumping, walking up and down stairs, running).  Playdoh, puzzles, block building, and other activities will be available daily to help your child strengthen their fine motor skills.

Below you will find a daily schedule and checklist of what your child will need.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  



(Please make sure to label EVERYTHING!)


What your child will need:

change of clothes (including socks)

crib sheet


diapers and wipes

lunchbox with an icepack

2 sippy cups (1 water, 1 milk)



sun hat 


bug spray 

Bathing Suit

Water shoes




hat and mittens





Sea Horse Schedule


7:00 ~ Snack & Free Play


9:20 ~ Circle Time/Music and Movement

9:40 ~ Art/Sensory

10:10 ~ Outside/Gross Motor

11:30 ~ Lunch

12:00 ~ Free Play


12:45 ~ Rest Time

3:00 ~ Snack


4:15 ~ Outside/Gross Motor

5:15 ~ Free Play/Pick up


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