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Sea Stars


Welcome to the Sea Stars! The Sea Stars’ day is full of fun, learning, and challenges. This classroom is a great stepping stone in preparing for a toddler classroom. We will work with your child to develop their language, self-help, fine and large motor skills through songs, play and literacy. We have a variety of manipulatives to strengthen fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and encourage sensory exploration.


Here is a list of the different skills that we focus on:


Self-help skills include: hand and face washing, eating at the table and using utensils, encouraging them to verbally express their feelings and needs.


Fine motor skills: mega-legos, painting with paintbrushes, holding a fork and spoon, sensory exploration.


Large motor skills: outside play twice a day which includes; running, jumping, climbing, throwing and kicking balls. These skills can also be considered fine motor. We also do creative movement throughout the day.


Language skills: We will explore literacy through singing songs, listening to interactive CD’s, reading stories, talking about the pictures in the stories, and doing flannel board stories. Throughout playtime your child’s teacher will provide vocabulary to encourage repetition.


While in the Sea Stars we will begin to transition each child in ways that will help their move to the toddler program an easy transition. Some of these transitions that will happen are going from bottles to sippy cups, sleeping on a mat, and having nap time once a day.


What your child will need:         *Please label everything*


2 changes of clothes (including socks)

2 crib sheets




Lunchbox with an icepack

2 sippy cups (one for water and one for milk)






Bathing suit

Water shoes




2 hats and mittens




Your child’s teachers are always available to speak with parents about any concerns or to answer any questions. Semi- annual progress reports and conferences are also available.


Sea Stars Daily Schedule


7:00   Arrival/ Breakfast/ Free Play

9:00   Diapers/ wash hands

9:30    Snack

10:00  Art/ Sensory Activity

10:30  Outside/Large Motor Activity

11:00  Diapers/ Wash Hands

11:30  Lunch

12:00  Free Play

12:30  Stories

1:00  Rest Time

3:00  Diapers/ Wash Hands

3:30   Snack

4:00  Outside/ Large Motor

5:30  Combine/ Free Play

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